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Nature takes center stage at this mountain resort, set amid a beautiful village in Hokkaido, Japan. Here the seasons bring change in delightful ways: menus transform to highlight local ingredients, and snow-covered slopes, ideal for skiing, melt away to reveal a verdant landscape best explored on nature treks or with a few rounds of golf.  

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Standard Room

The natural beauty of Japan’s northern region will take center stage at this lakeside resort where design borrows from the culture’s graceful, minimal aesthetic.

Deluxe Room

Secluded between the sand dunes and inspired by the sea, the newest Ritz-Carlton Reserve tells the story of Mexican history and culture through oceanfront accommodations filled with artisan-crafted pieces.

Executive Room

Astride the Yangtze delta, Nanjing enjoys equal status as an ancient city and a metropolis. Centered at the Xinjiekou CBD, The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing complements its cosmopolitan surroundings.